New Features In Version 5.1

New Quick Start Tab 

A new Quick Start tab is now available in the Docomotion application. This tab opens the Docomotion Support site.

New Generation Screen

Docomotion’s new generation screen enables end users to generate output based on all available Forms (templates) associated with the selected Object.

The new screen simplifies output generation by providing a clear indication of the steps and selections a user needs to follow in order to generate the output. The mandatory steps are clear, and information is grouped into Forms, Contacts, Formats and Channels.

For more information on the generation screen, refer to Generating Output through the Generate Document Button

Supports Generating Output from Mobile 

Docomotion now supports generating output from Salesforce1 mobile app in three simple steps.

For more information on how to configure the generation screen, refer to: Adding the Generate Documents to Salesforce1 

For more information on how to use output generation on mobile, refer to: Mobile Output Generation.

Inserting Form Segments as Linked or Unlinked 

A new Docomotion V5 functionality allows inserting Form Segments (named reusable-forms in V4.4) into a Form as “Linked” or as “Unlinked”.

When changing a Form Segment, if the Form Segment was inserted into a Form as “Unlinked”, changes in the Segment will not affect the Forms using that Segment.

If a Segment was inserted into a Form as “Linked”, when the changed Segment is published, all Forms using the Segment as linked are automatically republished.

Forms and Data Model Changes 

Any changes in a Data Model are reflected in Forms using the Data Model.

Therefore, as a best practice we recommend to start a new Form by creating a data model first, and only than creating a new Form that reference the data model. For more information on the Form creation, refer to the Quick Start Guide: Creating the New Form.

New Mail Body Support 

Docomotion V5 supports the ability to generate an email with mail body text based on a Form. After generating the output, a new mail screen with the mail editor opens.

Generating Output in Silent Mode 

 Docomotion now supports the ability to generate output in a Silent mode without the need to click on the Generation button. For example, in case object status was changed, immediately generate the output document.

Nested Table Support 

Nested table are fully supported in V5.
Nested tables are tables in a table cell. For a full explanation of Nested Tables refer to the Nested tables section in Tables documentation.

Localization Support 

The web Generation screen supports localization for different languages in General and Hebrew (right to left language) in particularly (not supported in mobile output generation).

New Interactive Features 

Interactive Support for HTML

Full interactive capabilities are available also for HTML in addition to the V4.4 support for PDF.

Predefined Interactive Options Validation Scripts

Version V5 provides Form designers with predefined scripts for Interactive fields. Those scripts are prepared by the Docomotion team for several cases. This new capability allows designers to use the script functionality without needing to know how to work with JavaScripts.

For text box fields, predefined scripts for validation of the following are currently available:

  • Minimum Characters
  • Maximum Characters
  • Email Validity

Mandatory Checkboxes

Interactive checkbox fields type support the ability to be set as mandatory to fill.  When a check box is marked as Mandatory, users who receive the PDF and click the Submit button without selecting an option, will get an error message if s/he did not check those fields (for example, accepting terms and conditions as a required text box).

Improved Features Version 5.1

Simplified Publishing 

The publishing process was simplified. You now do not need to activate a Form before publishing.

After designing and approving a Form, simply click Publish and the Form is available to all in your organization.


Interactive Collection Tab

The Interactive Form (V4.4) tab was renamed to Interactive Collection.

Under Interactive Collection you can find a list of Interactive Collections available for use in a Form.

Click on a Collection, to display the Collection fields and feedback received for that Collection.

For more information, refer to Customer Feedback- Interactive Collections.

Data Model Tab

The Data Schema tab (V4.4) was renamed to Data Model.

Unnecessary internal Salesforce Objects were removed from the dropdown list of Object available as Main Object in the Data Model.

Form Segment

The term Sub-form (V4.4) was renamed to Form Segment.