New Features In Version 11

Live Editor 

Docomotion now enables users to include in a document, during the generation process, last-minute comments and changes, before the output is finally generated.

The rich text editor enables users to add tables, bullets, hyperlinks, colors, and text design.

The changes made to the output, do not affect the From from which the output was generated.

See Editing the Generated Output.

Interactive Date and Date&Time 

Interactive Forms can now include interactive Date and Date&Time tags. The interactive fields appear in the output as a calendar for picking a date or a list for adding/selecting a time in a preconfigured time format (AM/PM format or 24-hour format). See Defining the Form Generation Settings.

The tags can be used for updating Salesforce data or in Interactive Collections.


Adding Date to an Interactive Collection

Adding Date and Date/Time Form Masking

Add Image Background to Signature Field  

Designers can now add a background image to the Signature field.

You can upload an image or use a Salesforce field that contains a URL to an image that will be dynamically added to the output when the output is generated.

See Interactive Forms – Signatures and Uploading Files.


Password Protection

When generating output from an Interactive Form to the Link channel, users can now define the generated PDF as a protected PDF that requires a password. The password in the Salesforce ID of the related Signature record.
See Defining the Form Generation Settings.

Improved Features Version 11

Mass Generation from 3rd Level Lookups

It is now possible to mass generate documents also from 3rd level lookups: Leads and Contacts.

See Generating Mass Output.

Table of Contents Improved Support 

Table of Contents is now fully supported for PDF output and as linked content in HTML.

See Designer: Tips and Tricks for Using MS- Word>Table of Contents.

Improved Performance 

Improved document generation speeds for multiple records linked to a parent object.