New Features In Version 10

Sum in a Dynamic Table 

You can now add the TABLE COLUMN SUM script inside a table. The sum then includes only values displayed in the table output. For example, in a filtered table only items displayed in the filtered table are summed.

If you add the script outside the table all tag values are summed.

See Script Line Editor Functions>TABLE COLUMN SUM.

Adding Documents to an Output 

Docomotion now enables including in the generated output PDF and HTML documents from the Documents object as well as PDF and HTML files that were added to the Libraries. The documents can be added to a Form or to a specific record.

If a form or record include additional documents, generators can add the documents when generating output.

Generators can add documents to an object’s record. Administrators and Designers can also add documents to a Form. Documents can be added to the Form as Required, this means that when generating output, these documents will automatically be added to the output and cannot be removed. For example, if Sales reps should include Terms&Conditions for each quote sent from Salesforce, this document can be added as required to the Forms of the Quote object.


Filter Forms

Docomotion users can filter forms to be available for generation only for specific records according to conditions on any field of the main object of the form.

See Filter Forms

Improved Features Version 10

Improved Email Body Editor

When generating output through the Mail output channel in the Mail Body format, the output generated as email body can be edited.

See Handling and Reviewing the Generated Output

Email Validation on Email and Link Output Channels

If you intend to generate output to through the email or link output channels, you can configure Docomotion to block output generation if the recipient is missing an email address. If this option is not activated users receive a message that the recipient is missing an email address and, if they choose to continue they need to select a recipient with an email address (or add an email address to this recipient).

See Configuring Docomotion.

Full Support of Sales and Service Consoles

Docomotion now includes full support of Sales and Service Consoles.

Sales/Service Console users can generate output with data dynamically merged from any object in Salesforce.