This section presents the new and improved features of Docomotion.

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New Features:
  1. Adding additional recipients in email when using API.
  2. Adding additional documents in email when using API.
  3. Preview document in generation screen.
  4. Test preview with an actual Salesforce record.
  5. Set Default recipient in Form settings
  6. Addional Recipient – Recipient email enables free text.
  7. Live Editor Window – Resizing capabilities.
To learn more about version 16 refer to Version 16.
New Feature:
Region Switcher – Expanding cloud infrastructure to the EU in addition to the existing infrastructure in the US 
Data Model drill down up to 5 levels (“NLevel” feature)
RTA Images

improve reliability of existing features:

  • Segments / Subforms
  • Import / Export forms
  • Live Editor
To learn more about version 15 refer to Version 15.
To learn more about version 14 refer to Version 14.
To learn more about version 12 refer to Version 12.
To learn more about version 11 refer to Version 11.
To learn more about version 10 refer to Version 10.
To learn more about version 9 refer to Version 9.
To learn more about version 8 refer to Version 8.
1 You can now add to the output pictures from a record’s Notes & Attachments.
2 Automate output generation using Salesforce Process Builder.
3 Context-sensitive help.
To learn more about version 7 refer to Version 7.
1 The new Mass Generation feature enables generating output based on multiple records inside Salesforce List View.
2 Support of European numbering format (localization/number masking).
3 Support for Salesforce Date&Time field.
4 Support for Date&Time field localization, based on the time zone of the recipient.
5 Possibility to set a default file name for generated output in the Form’s Default Generation Settings based on Object field.
6  New Designer Validation menu option.
7  Signing device support: ability to open the signature area on the HTML output as a pop-up window.
8  Support of the new Salesforce Lightning® experience.
To learn more about version 6 refer to Version 6.
V5.6 /    V5.9
1 Adding graphical Signatures to an Interactive Form (this requires using the new Link output channel).
2 New output channel Link. Send an email with a link to an interactive document.
Recipients can fill in the document (including adding a signature and attachments).
3 Uploading Files to an Interactive Form
4 Store output in Google Drive.
5 New Email Template option in mail output channel.
6  New Form Generation Settings now enable simplifying the output generation page.
7 Enhanced Designer to enable to presenting in the output, the Salesforce data of all interactive fields, which can be edited by the recipient and updated in Salesforce.
To learn more about version 5.6 / 5.9 refer to version 5.6 / 5.9.
1 Word Template Optional (Docomotion no longer requires a Word template for creating a new Form)
2 Insert Page Break in Grouped Table
3 Table of Content (TOC) Supports Show / Hide Containers  (Improved)
4 Enhanced Date Format Support (Improved)
5 Support of Image URL without Extension for ALL Output Formats (Improved)
To learn more about version 5.5 refer to Version 5.5.
1 Form Lifecycle
2 Table Grouping
3 Multi Language Support of Picklists
4 Date Support
5 Import / Export Scripts in the Designer
6 Simplify Insert Picture in the Designer
7 Interactive Fields Default Value (Improved)
8 Interactive Support without Contact (Improved)
9 Table of Contents Supports Containers (Improved)
To learn more about version 5.4 refer to Version 5.4.
1 Exporting / Importing Forms
2 Adding a Table of Contents to a Form
3 Renaming the Generated Output File
4 ‘Upload to Cloud’ Renamed ‘Save to Salesforce’
5 No need to Enable Chatter when Installing Docomotion
To learn more about version 5.3 refer to Version 5.3.
1 New License for Generating Output in Silent Mode
2 Sorting Tables
3 Renaming the Generated Output File
4 Improved Form Structure
To learn more about version 5.2 refer to Version 5.2.
1 New Quick Start Tab
2 New Generation Screen
3 Supports Generating Output from Mobile
4 Inserting Form Segments as Linked or Unlinked
5 Forms and Data Model Changes
6 New Mail Body Support
7 Generating Output in Silent Mode
8 Nested Table Support
9 Localization Support
10 New Interactive Features
11 Simplified Publishing (Improved)
12 Renaming (Improved)
To learn more about version 5.1 refer to Version 5.1.