After activating the Form in Docomotion and testing the Form on Salesforce data (see Activating a Form), you need to publish the Form in order to enable users to generate output from the Form.

Quick Start-44

To publish the Form

1.  In Salesforce Docomotion  click the Forms tab, In the Recent Forms area click the Form Number of the Form you want to publish.
2. Refresh the Form page.

3.  Click Publish.

If you do not see the Publish button, refresh the page.

The status of the Form changes to Publishing. Once publishing finishes the status changes to Published.

Form Versions

Users can continue to generate output from a published Form that is being edited so long as the edited Form has not been published.

However, once you publish the edited Form you can no longer generate output from the older version.

Best Practice

When you edit a Form you might want to keep an older version. You can clone the Form before editing it and give it a new name (for example: FormX _VERSION1). To use the cloned Form you need to publish the Form.

To learn more about Form statuses refer to Form Lifecycle.
To learn more about creating a new version refer to Updating a Form – Form New Version