Docomotion enables exporting and importing published Forms from one organization to another.

For example, you can now design the Forms and test them in the Test sandbox system and, when approved for production, move the Forms to the Production system.

You need the Designer installed and the Doco Designer / Doco Admin permission set to perform these actions.

The Export tool automatically exports all that is needed for generating output from the Form:

  • Word template file
  • Data Model
  • Interactive Collection
  • Designer definitions

Exporting a Form

To export a published Form:

  1.  In Salesforce > Docomotion click Forms nd select the published Form you want to Export.

4. Click OK to close the message.

The file is available for importing to a new destination organization.

Importing a Form

In order to import a Form exported from one Salesforce organization into another, both organizations should have the same Object definitions, in terms of names and fields.

If the main Object exists in both organizations but not all the fields in the Source Object exist in the Destination Object, the Form will be imported and a warning message displayed. Before using the Form you need to remove the missing fields from the Data Model (click Removee in the Data Model page), or add the missing fields to the Destination organization Object. Failing to do so will result in a generation failure.

To import a Form: 

  1.  In Salesforce > Docomotion click Forms.
  2. In the Recent Forms area click New to display the New Form page.

5. Click IMPORT to import the file.

If the Package data includes a Form, Subform, Word Template, Data Model or Interactive Collection that already exists in the Destination organization, the Conflict Found window is displayed for this entity.

You now can choose one of the following options:

Overwrite: Update the destination organization data based on the data in the zip file.

  1. If you use this option for conflict on a Data Model, Forms using the Data Model already published will not be affected, unless you edit them in the Designer. You need to reopen each of the Forms in the Designer, save them again to Salesforce in the Designer and republish the Forms for the change to affect them. 
  2. If you use this option on Word template, the imported template  will  only affect the currently imported Form (not update the Word template in the Destination organization).

Create New: Create a new entity based on the data in the zip file.

Link: Use the existing destination data instead of the zip file content.

Click Cancel to cancel the import.