The Link Output Channel is a special Interactive Output Channel, where the result is a sealed PDF that includes information received from the recipient as well as optionally a signature or uploaded files.

For more information on creating and using the LInk Output Channel see Link Output Channel.

The link has a configurable expiration period. After this period users trying to open the link will receive an error message, as well as a “document expired” email (see Using Email Templates).

You can configure a link expiration period for a specific Form (see Defining the Default Form Generation Settings). The expiration period of the Form overrides the system setting.

Editing the Link Expiration Period

To change the default expiration period:

1. Display the Docomotion main window and click the System Settings tab.

2. In the Docomotion Configuration page, scroll down to the Link Expiration Period (optional) section.

3. Enter the new expiration period (maximum is 9999 hours).

4. Click Save Expiration Period. 

You only need to do this once after installation.