Using the Interactive Forms feature you can convert operational and transactional PDF and HTML outputsĀ into a bi-directional communication channel with your customers.
You can then receive from them, for example, information that will automatically update your Salesforce data as well as learn about their needs and wishes.

Docomotion includes two types of Interactive capabilities:

Updating Salesforce Data

Adding to a Form Salesforce fields as Interactive, enables users to update the fields when they submit the Form. When the Form is submitted these fields are automatically updated in the Salesforce Object.
For details see Updating Salesforce Data.

Interactive Process

Receiving Customer Feedback

Customer feedback provides a bi-directional communication channel that enhances the abilities of companies to use Forms. Companies can send their customers Forms that need to be signed and receive the signed Forms with any attachments the recipients need or want to attach. In addition, adding interactive capabilities to a Form enables recipients to participate in Customer Satisfaction questionnaires or surveys and provide information on products which might interest them that can be used for example for upselling or cross-selling.
For details seeĀ Interactive Collections (Customer Feedback )