Using the sample Form you will experience generating a quotation based on Opportunity record in Salesforce that includes a signature component, signing and submitting it.

In the scenario you will play the part of both the sales representative and the Form recipient.

Scenario steps:

  1. You, as a sales rep, will generate output from an Opportunity record (using a sample Form) and send it to a contact (yourself).
  2. You, as the Form recipient, will receive the document via email, sign it and submit.
  3. The signed data is automatically stored inside Salesforce.

Before You Start

Before you start you need to have the Docomotion Package installed and configured.

See Experience Docomotion –  Before you Start.

Import and Activate the Sample Form

Click here to download the sample Form

Save the sample Form on your PC.

Import the sample Form you downloaded into the Designer. For information on how to import the Form see Importing and Exporting Forms.

After importing the Designer opens with the Form. Click Save the Form into Salesforce to save the Form.

You now need to activate the Form. See Activating a Form.

Installing and Configuring Docomotion

You need to have the Docomotion Package installed and configured.

Step 1: Install the Docomotion Package. See Installing the Docomotion Package.

Step 2: Configure Docomotion. See Configuring Docomotion.

It is important to follow steps 1-4. Step 4 is mandatory for this scenario since the Form is interactive.

Step 3: Install the Designer. See Installing the Designer.

Step 4: Add the Generate Document button to the layout. See Configuring the Generate Document buttons.

Step 5: Add the Signature action. See Interactive Forms – Signatures, Embedded Images, and Uploading Files.

Required Salesforce Records for running this sample

Check that you have the following records in your organization’s Salesforce:

  1. Price book
  2. Opportunity with opportunity line items and an account with contacts.
Make sure one of the contacts has your personal email. You will use this contact as the recipient of the output document.

Running the Sample Scenario

Generating the Output

For details of how to generate output see Generating Output.

Select the opportunity.

Click Generate Document.

In the Document Generation page:

  1. Select the contact with your email.
  2. Select output format: HTML
  3. Select the Output Channel: Link.
  4. Click Generate.

The email with the Form is sent to the contact and the Signature record is displayed.

Receiving, Signing and Submitting the Form

Scroll down to the Signature area:

  1. Add information in the Remarks area.
  2. Sign in the Signature area.
  3. Select the product for receiving information.
  4. Click Submit.

You, as the Form recipient, will immediately see a PDF with the information and signature.

You can now save the PDF for future use.

Signature Record Updated in Salesforce