Docomotion enables users to generate documents and store the output in Google Drive based on one of the following options:

♦  (private) user: Each user has his/her own account.
–    or
♦ Organization: One account is used for the whole organization.

After generation, users can access the saved documents.

You need to have Administrator permission set to configure Google Drive.

To set up Google Drive: 

1. Display the Docomotion main window and click the System Settings tab.

2. In the Docomotion Configuration page, scroll down to the Google Drive (optional) section.

3. Check the Activate checkbox.

4. Select a Google Drive Account option:

  • Organization
  • User

5. Click Save Google Options.

A Docomotion Documents folder (for the organization or for each user) is automatically created in Google Drive. This is the folder in which Docomotion output is saved by default.

You only need to do this once after installation.