Licenses Management

When an organization purchases Docomotion the number of licenses is defined by the purchase order.

The 30 days trial version of Docomotion includes licenses for 1 user. During that period please contact us through the Contact page or email ( to get a quotation for purchasing Docomotion.

You can manage the users with Docomotion licenses in Salesforce. You can add and remove users.

To add a license to users:

  1.  Navigate to the Installed Packages in Salesforce: Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > Installed Packages.
  2. In the Installed Packages page locate the Docomotion package and click Managed Licenses next to Docomotion.

Manage Licenses

The Docomotion Package Details page is displayed. The page displays the number of allowed licenses, the number of allocated licenses and the list of Salesforce users with Docomotion license in the organization.

To remove a user license locate the user and click Remove next to the user name.

3.  Click Add User to display the Docomotion Add Users page.

4.  In the Available Users pane, select the box to the left of names of the users who need access to Docomotion.

5.  In the Selected Users pane, click Add to add the selected users.

6.  Click Add Users to save changes.