The Live Editor

If Live Editor is enabled in your system (see Configuring Docomotion) you can use the Live Editor to edit the output before generating or sending to customers. The Live Editor is an HTML editor with many editing functionalities that enable the generator to edit the output.

Note that editing the output does not change the Form. However, a generated output is saved as a major version and you can also save a draft as a minor version. You can then return to editing the saved version (the versions are identified by their number and creation date and time).


  1. Live Editor requires the user to have access to Documents Object. Please make sure generating user has the right Salesforce’s permission.
  2. The following do not support live editing:
    – Interactive documents
    – Link output channel
    – Additional documents feature
    – Mass generation
  3. For editing the documents in Mail Body format see Editing the Output: for Mail Output Channel and Mail Body Output Format

To use the Live Editor:

  1. Click Live Editor in the Generation page (see Generating Output through the Generate Document Button).

The selected output is presented in In the Live Editor page with the document in the workspace below the Live Editor panel.

The black lines indicate the end-of pages (page breaks) of the generated output .

If you want to use a saved version, select from either the Major or Minor dropdown lists the version you want to edit. This version will now be displayed in the workspace.

2. Use the toolbar buttons to edit the output. When you hover over a button a tooltip displays its functionality.

You can also add to the output images from a local drive or from Google drive. Click Add Image From Local/Add Image From Google Drive and browse to the image you want to add.
To enable using this option contact Docomotion Support.

3. When you finish editing you can do one of the following :

  • Click Generate to generate the output in the selected format to the output channel you selected. The edited document is saved as a major version.
  • Click Save Draft to save the edited document as a minor version which you can continue editing later.
  • Click Reload to refresh the display of the Live Editor end-of-page indicators after you add information.
This option’s availablility depends on the Live Editor configuration. See Configuring Docomotion).
  • Click Preview to display a preview of the edited output.
  • Click Close to close the Live Editor.

Editing the Output: for Mail Output Channel and Mail Body Output Format

If you select the Email output channel when you click Generate Document, the Send an Email page with the Live Editor displayed.

You can use the Live Editor to edit the text.

Sections of the Form might have been locked by the Form Designer. These sections cannot be deleted, moved or edited in the Editor.

When you finish editing, Click Next.

This displays Salesforce’s Email Message>Send an Email page.

Email sender (as defined in output generation) or any email from Salesforce’s Organization-Wide Email Addresses list.

To select an email address, click the small down arrow in  the From field and select from an email the drop-down list.

To  ②
Recipient (as defined in output generation)
Related to
You can use the Related to field to specify where the Activity History will be saved.
If the output is generated from one the supported objects (that appears in the dropdown list) the default is the Object’s record.
If not, you can select the record where the Activity History will be saved.

CC and BCC
From the email template.

Attach File
You can click Attach File and attach files to the output. The attached files are listed below the email.