Docomotion Email Templates

Docomotion provides three email templates, located in the Docomotion Emails folder that can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Docomotion Example – When generation output: When selecting the Mail output channel, authorized output generators can select as the body of the email an email template.
  • New Link – When generating Interactive output through the Link output channel: an email based on this template is sent to the recipient with a link to a Form. The generation of the email, is based on Send Link Email workflow rule for creation of a signature record. Docomotion package includes this workflow rule by default.
    Workflow rules
    When the recipient clicks on the link, the document is generated in Salesforce and the Form opens in the recipient’s browser. The link has an expiration date.
  • Document expired – When the recipient clicks on an expired link, a “document expired” email is sent to the recipient (in addition to the displayed error message).

You can view and edit the email templates.

To view or edit the email templates:

1. In Setup > Communication Templates and choose Classic Email Templates.

2. Click the template you want to view/edit.

Default email templates

The email template details appear as well as an HTML preview and plain text preview of the email.

3. You can edit the email properties, the HTML version or the text version.

4. When you finish, click Save.