You can configure the system to store the output generated from a Form in an external storage such as Cloud Document Management system.

When output is generated from a Form for which external repositories are configured, the output is automatically saved to all the configured data repositories.

If you want to save the generated output also to Salesforce you need to configure Save to Salesforce in the Form Generation Settings.

STEP 1: Create a Service to Store the Data in the Repository

Create a service that will save the data from in the external repository. Docomotion will use the service to save the data to the repository after output generation.

Step 2: Configure the Request that Docomotion Should Send in Order to Activate the Service

To configure the request to store the output in the external repository:

  1. Open the Form for which you want to save the output and scroll down to External Repositiries.
  2. Click New External Repository and add the required information.
  • External Repository Name: Any identifying name (mandatory)
  • Login URL/Username (mandatory)/Password (mandatory): Authentication information required for accessing the repository
  • Compression: 
    • Empty or 1: No compression
    • 2: 7z compression
  • File ID: NA
  • Form: Filled automatically
  • Service URL: URL to the storage service you created in Step 1.
  • Storage Type – Authorization Protocol: 
    • Type A: OAuth 2.0
  • Token: NA
  • Body Template: Must contain #content#
    When the output is generated #content# is replaced with the generated output in Base64.

3. Click Save.