This page lists frequently asked questions relating to output generation  issues.

You cannot submit Interactive Forms in PDF from mobile devices since the Mobile PDF Viewer does not currently support java scripts.
The Quote object is a slave object of Opportunity. Salesforce1 do not support configuring the Generation button for ‘slave’ objects.
The first thing you need to do is check with the Administrator that you have a license to Docomotion and proper permissions.

If you have a valid license check that the Generate button was properly configured and added to the Layout. See Configuring the Generate Document Buttons.

The Object does not have Forms from which you can generate output. There could be several reasons:

  • No Forms were designed for this Object.
To create a Form refer to the Quick Start Page.
  • As output generator: No Published Forms for this Object and your permission set (Docomotion Generator) does not allow you to generate output from unpublished Forms.
  • As Designer: No Forms were Activated for the Object.
To learn more about Form statuses (Published, Activated) refer to Form Lifecycle.
There are several possible reasons:

  1. You might need to configure the Salesforce session settings to enable Docomotion to interact with Salesforce. See Configuring Salesforce Security Controls.
  2. You might need to activate the Docomotion Remote Site settings. See Configuring Salesforce Security Controls.
  3. If the Form is interactive you need to authorize Docomotion. See Authorize.
You need to add authorize Docomotion to interact with Salesforce data. See Authorizing Docomotion to Interact with Salesforce Data.
Yes, you need to replace the generic button with a new java script code that updates the current record to be used inside the generated output. For example, the title and the user who generated the output document. See Configuring the Generate Document Buttons.
Docomotion supports daylight saving if defined in Salesforce. Make sure that in Salesforce the Default Time Zone definition (Administrator Setup>Company Profile>Company Information) and Business Hours definitions are set to DST time zones.
To view the reports for output generation, you might need to edit the enhanced folder sharing setting.  For more information see Turn On Enhanced Folder Sharing for Reports and Dashboards.
In order to generate documents using a Console app, you need to configure a new Generate Document button or configure the button to display in the existing window. See  Configuring the Generate Document Buttons.

The default workflow included in the package assumes that the organization’s language is set to English.

If you want to use the default workflow when using a different language, the system administrator needs to define the workflow according to the organizational language. For example: If the organizational language is French, instead of “true” the condition should be set to “vrai”.

In Setup > Security Controls > Session Settings, you need to disable the clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with header disabled:

You can cause the Submit action to redirect the customer to a selected web page as well as open a new web page that enables downloading the generated PDF.

Add the following Java Script on the Form to the On Load event to enforce the redirect to your custom page.   See Adding an HTML JavaScript to a Form.

var b = $('input[onclick*="submitForm"]')[0];
var f = b.onclick;
b.onclick = function(){var win =[required web page URL], '_blank');win.focus();f();};})

Replace [required web page URL] with your custom web page. For example

For the logged in user’s name to be added to the generated output, add the following text formula field on the main object of the Form for which you are generating output.
($User.FirstName + ” “+ ” ” +$User.LastName)
Add the field to the data model of the Form and insert the tag inside the Designer to the Form as required.
This can happen when using the Live Editor for the first time on a new browser, machine and even sometimes after a browser version upgrade.

You need to allow popups.

  1. Click the Popups blocked  icon to display the Popups blocked window

2. Select Always allow pop-ups and redirects...

3. Click Done.

There are two ways to remove activated Forms from the list of Forms available for output generation by users with Administrator and Designer permissions (“hide” activated Forms that were not published):

  • If you need to display some forms and hide specific activated Forms: You can use a Filter Form option (for each form) to hide or show the Form based on a field value from the main object record. See Filter Forms.
  • To hide all activated Forms: In the GenerateDocument button code, add &FilterType=2 at the end, to display only published forms (see Configuring the Generate Documents Buttons .
    Example of the button code for Opportunity object: /apex/doco__VF02_GenerateDocument?id={!Opportunity.Id}&FilterType=2
This can be caused by several issues:

  • Are you are generating from a record of the main object of the form?

You can only generate output from a record of the main object of the form.

  • Is the Form filer filtering out forms?

Are you displaying all the forms or are the forms filtered?

  • Are you trying to generate with Generator permissions but there are no published Forms?

A user with Generator permissions can only see published forms (not activated forms).

  • Is Magic Mover for Notes &Attachments installed in your organization and does the conversion list include Docomotion objects?

When using Magic Mover for Notes and Attachments you need to remove Docomotion objects (API start with doco__). Using the tool on Docomotion objects result in errors or damage to the forms.

Was the Form created in the new Data Model UI? You can only generate output from Forms created in the New Data Model UI, in the new Generation UI (see Generate Document Page).