The Link output channel is used to send a recipient an email with a link to a Form. When the recipient clicks on the link, the document is generated in Salesforce and the Form opens in  the recipient’s browser. The link has an expiration date. If the recipient clicks on the link after the expiration date an error message appears (see Editing the Link Expiration Date).

This is useful, for example, if you want to send a customer an interactive HTML document that he/she can fill, sign, attach documents and submit back to Salesforce.

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Configuring Signature Record

  1. In order to link automatically the Signature record as a child of the Output Generation Main Object you need to add a lookup from the Signature Object to the Main Object.
  2. Edit the Main Object layout and add to the Related Lists the Signatures list.

Note that in Salesforce Lightning, adding any Related List to the page layout does not automatically display it in the Lightning page.
Verify that you have added the Related Tab to your Lightning page layout, and add the Related Lists component to this Related Tab.
Only after this, are all related lists you added to the page layout for the record in the Object manager automatically displayed.


Step 1: SFDC user generates output

Inside the Generation Screen, select a recipient for Form and the Link Output Channel. Click Generate.

Note: When generating output from a Lead object, the relevant field is doco.Signer_Lead and not doco.Signer.

A Signature record is created and an email is sent to the recipient with a link.

The generation of the email, is based on a workflow rule for creation of a Signature record. Docomotion package includes this workflow rule by default (see Using Email Templates).

Step 2: Recipient / Client receives email

When the recipient clicks on the link, an HTML Form is generated based on the latest Salesforce data, and opens in the device default browser, for the recipient to fill and add attachments if necessary.

Note that since the output is generated when the link is clicked, if the form was changed after the email was received, the link is still based on the latest published version.

The link has a configurable expiration period. Expiration period is defined in the Docomotion System Settings tab. For more information, refer to Setting Link Expiration Date.

Users trying to open the link after the expiration date will receive an error message.

Step 3 & 4 : User fills in the document and submit.

The interactive Form can include the following interactive capabilities:

  • Signature
  • Upload file

See Adding Signatures, Embedding Images, and Uploading Files. 

Step 5: Signature record updated

When the recipient submits the Form, the Signature record in Salesforce is updated and a sealed PDF is created and sent back to the recipient.

Signature record will then include the following:

Meta data I1

  • Time stamp
  • IP address
  • Browser information (Client URL Link, Friendly Client URL, Friendly Client URL Link field)

Attachments (optional): I2

  • Locked PDF (with signature)
  • Attached files

Customer Feedback (see Customer Feedback – Interactive Collection) I3

Signature Record – Details

Signature Record – Related