When generating output from Interactive Forms or when you generate output using the email output channel or Mail output format, you need to select the recipient.

If there is only one Contact related to the Main Object, this Contact is automatically chosen.

By default, the Contact list includes all contacts and leads of the Main Object.

You can only select a lead as a recipient if the output channel is Link.

If the Contact person is referenced as a Lookup through another Lookup, you need to select the correct Lookup from the drop-down list. This list shows up to 3 levels of related lookups.

Note that, if no Contacts are defined relating to the Main Object, and the form is an interactive form, Salesforce will not receive the updated data.

For example Main object is opportunity sync with quote: the page displays the Contact person related to the Quote synced with the Opportunity.

In the above example, the Primary Campaign  Source is not part of the LookUp drop-down as it doesn’t have a lookup for Lead or Contact.

Additional Recipient

When using the Email output channel or Mail Body output format and if the Additional Recipients option is enabled in your organization, you can add as recipients to the email records from objects other than Contact and Leads using lookups, provided the records include an email address.

To select an additional recipient:

  1. In the Email Configuration pane under Select Recipient:
    1. From the Lookup dropdown list, select Additional Recipient (1).
    2. From the Recipient dropdown list, select the email address field (2).

The email address for the selected recipient appears in the Email field (3).

Owner (User)

You can also send the email to yourself (logged in user) to the email defined for the user.

To select the logged in user as recipient:

  1. In the Select Recipient pane select the Owner (user) option.

The pane displays the email to whcich the output will be sent.

2. Check that the email is correct.