When generating output, Docomotion enables creating an activity in Salesforce to track the generate operation. For standard main objects, the activity is in the main object of the Form.

For Junction objects, you can choose to route the activity to a higher level (lookup or master-detail).

From Salesforce API version 37.0 and up, new standard relation objects are available (for example AccountContactRelation). Docomotion supports the activity routing selection also for these objects.

Defining Output Generation Activity Settings

To define activity settings:

1. In Docomotion, select the Form in the Forms tab; the Form page is displayed.

2. Scroll to Activity Settings.

3. Check the Add activity after Generate checkbox.

4. In the Activity Subject textbox enter a name for the activity.

5. From the Activity Status drop-down list, select a status for the activity.

Note: You can add new custom values to the Task object status field. These custom values will be available for selection.

6. For Junction and Relation objects, select a routing option:

In a junction object, you can select to save in the junction object itself or a higher level.
In relation objects, you need to select one of the parent objects.

After generation output, you will see the activity in the related activity list of the object.

Click the new activity to see its details. The Comments field provides tracking information.