Introduction to Tables

Docomotion enables adding to your Form tables that will be dynamically populated, with Salesforce information, when you generate Output .The tables contain data tags from Objects that are Children Relations of the Main Object of the Form.

See also Advanced Table Features.

Creating a Data Model for Tables

In order to add tables to a Form, the Data Model on which the Form is based, needs to contain data tags from Children Relations (see Defining a Data Model).

In the following example, a table is used to present information (quantity and price) from all products in a quote.

When you open the Form in the Designer these tags appear in the Data Repository Panel as Table Tags under I_T.

Adding Tables to the Form in the Designer

Before adding the table, it is recommended that you read Table Design – Best Practices.

To create a table in a Form:

1.  In the Design panel, click the area where you want to enter the table.
2.  Using Word tools create a table with definite dimensions and the appearance that meet your needs.
3.  Type into the cells the necessary information.
4.  Using Word tools, format the table and the text.
5.  In the Title row, type in titles that are suited to the table tags appearing in the same column.

For a dynamic table make sure you are adding Table tags I_T.