Scripts written for one Form can be used in other Forms based on the same Main Object. This saves you the need to create new scripts for each Form. Scripts can only be used (imported) in the same entity type for which they were created (Container script, Table script, etc.).

Exporting Scripts

After you create a script in a Form you can export the script to a Designer script file (.dsc file) that can be used by other Forms based on the same Main Object.

To export a script:

1.  In the Form panel, right-click the script you want to export and select Properties.

3.  In the File Name text box enter a name for the file and click Save.

The script file is saved.

Importing Scripts

The Import Script feature enables you to use a script created in one Form and exported as a .dsc file in other Forms of the same Main Object.

To import a script into a Form:

1.  Open the Form in the Designer and click the document location for the imported Script.

2.  In the Data Repository Data Tags panel, double-click Script Tag (or right-click Script Tag and click the Insert Script Tag button); the Script Tag Properties window appears.

4. Browse to the location of the designer script file you want to use and click Open.

The script appears in the Form and in the Form panel.