Adding a Table

To add a table:

  1.  Click Insert > Table, then click Insert Table.


2.  In the Insert Table window that opens define the table.

It is recommended to create the table with the largest number of columns possible.

After creating the table, right-click the table to open the Table Properties window and reset the table as follows.

Table Options

It is important to RESET the table to zero!

For the text to be at a distance from the cell borders, define cell margins using the Cell Properties option NOT AT TABLE LEVEL.

If you are using the Preferred width option, make sure the table size fits the page size and use Measured in Centimetres/Inches (not Percent).

Defining Table Borders

To remove border lines or change their color, in Table Properties click Borders and Shading, Border tab,

Table Borders

To change the background color of a cell / row / column, click the Shading tab.

Creating a Banded (Zebra) Table

To create a table with a banded background (row with background color, row without).

Add the table to the Form and select the table.

In Table Tools>Design>Table Styles, right-click the style closest to what you require and choose Modify Table Style; The Modify Style window opens.


Do not change font color here.

Change font colors in the table.

It is important that font colors are not defined as Automatic