When designing a Form you can now add an HTML 5 JavaScript to the Form that will display a message or a window upon a predefined event:

  • On After Print
  • On Before Print
  • On Before Upload
  • On Error
  • On Hash Change
  • On Load
  • On Message
  • On Offline
  • On Page Hide
  • On Page Show
  • On Pop State
  • On Resize
  • On Storage
  • On Unload

Adding HTML JavaScript to a Form

To add a JavaScript to Form:

  1. Open the Form in the Designer.
  2. From the File menu select HTML Window Script.

3. From the Event drop-down list select the event that you want to fire the JavaScript.

4. Click the Add button next to Jave Script.

5. In the JavaScript Editor window enter a Name and Description for the JavaScript.

6. Enter the code for the JavaScript in the Code area.

7. You can select a tag from the drop-down list that includes all the Form tags and click Insert Tag to add to the code.

8. When you finish click Save.