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When designing a Form, you can add a Table of Contents to the Form.

The Table of Contents feature is supported for DOCX, HTML and PDF outputs.
The TOC formats currently supported are Automatic Table 1 and Automatic Table 2.

If the Form includes a hidden Container, the Container content is excluded from the Table of Contents.

You can edit the following features of the TOC:

  • Number of Levels to display
  • The type of Tab lead
  • Using Hyperlinks instead of page numbers in the TOC

To add a Table of Contents to a Form:

1.  Open the Form to which you want to add the Table of Contents in the Designer.

2.  In References > Table of Contents select one of the Supported formats.

The Table of Contents is added to the Form.

3.  To edit the format, select the TOC and in References > Table of Contents select Insert Table of Contents. 

4.  You can do the following:

  1. Click the Tab leader drop down list to select a tab leader
  2. Click the Show levels spinbox to select the number of heading levels to display in the TOC.
  3. Check / Un check Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers.

5.  Click OK.

A message window appears requesting you to confirm replacing the Table of Contents.

6.  Click OK to confirm.