You can use Docomotion to fill and sign COVID-19 health declaration automatically from Salesforce.

For this use case, you need to have a premier licensing.
If you don’t have a premier license yet, you can use the code KEEP SAFE, to claim free licenses for this use case for your organization.

You can click the link and download the Health Declaration sample, or design your own form based on this sample use case, and set your conditions.

This process consists of 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Create an interactive form. In this use case, we use Salesforce Contact object for the interactive form data model and design
  • Step 2: Create an auto launched Lightning flow to automatically send the form to all employees defined as Contacts (internal).
The following video demonstrates the use of Docomotion to create an employee Health Declaration.

Step 1: Create an Interactive Form

The COVID- 19 form is based on the Contact object.

See the sample file with the data model based on the Contact object and the interactive collection with Signature record

Create the data model.

Create Interactive Collection.

You can now open the Designer and made any changes you wish to implement, save the form, and publish it.

You can generate it manually from the generation screen and the form will be sent to selected recipients.

You can also proceed to the automation step.

Step 2: Automate Sending the Form

Using the Flow Builder, you can create a flow that automatically sends the generated interactive form to users defined as Internal Contacts (condition: Contact_type__c=internal) at scheduled times.

  1. Create an auto launched flow:

Note: You might need the assistance of SF Admin for this step.

  1. Define the conditions to pull the relevant contacts that are employees (set as “internal  ” type ) and configure a frequency.
  1. Assign the Apex action Docomotion’s Generate Link with Record Id and Form ID.
  1. Save and activate the flow.