By default Docomotion does not store output documents on Docomotion servers.

However, when using asynchronous generation files will be stored for a limited time period:

  1. When generating outputs that includes pictures from Notes & Attachments, through the download channel. For more information see Adding Pictures from Notes &Attachments.
  2. When using Mass Generation of multiple records and using download channel. For more information see Generating Mass Output.
  3. For large output documents (e.g.; generate documents that includes numerous table rows etc) the Form settings can be configured to work asynchronously.

All these cases output generation might take considerable time. Using asynchronous generation enables the user to close the generation screen and receive an email notification when generation has completed.

The output document storage has a configurable expiration period (default is four days). After this period users trying to access the files will receive an error message.

Editing the Output Expiration Period for Asynchronous Generation

To change the default expiration period:

1. Display the Docomotion main window and click the System Settings tab.

2. In the Docomotion Configuration page, scroll down to the Output Expiration Period for Asynchronous Generation section.

3. Enter the new expiration period (default is 96 , that is 4 days)

4. Click Save. 

You only need to do this once after installation.