Authorizing Docomotion to interact with Salesforce data

If you plan to perform any asynchronous document generation or use the Live Editor, you need to authorize Docomotion to interact with Salesforce data. Without Authorization, the designer won’t be able to activate Interactive Forms or use mass generation.,

IMPORTANT! To perform authorization, you need to have access permissions to update the Salesforce data you want Docomotion to update.

This operation allows Docomotion to interact with Salesforce data, receive data when Form user clicks Submit in Interactive PDF documents.

After clicking Authorize, you need to provide Salesforce credentials (username and password) of a licensed user.

If the user used for this operation is removed from the license, a new Authorization is required with the credentials of a licensed user.

To authorize Docomotion to update Salesforce data:

1. Display the Docomotion main window and click the System Settings tab.

2. In the Docomotion Configuration page, scroll down to the Authorize (optional) section.

2. Click Authorize (you only need to do this once after installation).