Assigning Permissions

In Salesforce, a permission set is a collection of settings that extends a user’s functional access without changing their profile. You can use permission sets to give users that aren’t Salesforce administrators’ access to the Docomotion for Salesforce App.

For more information about permission sets see the Salesforce Help.

Docomotion supports the following 3 permission sets:

  • Docomotion Admin: provides access to all Docomotion features and functionalities.
  • Docomotion Designer: enables accessing Docomotion App from Salesforce. Allows designer to create, design and publish Forms.
    From Version 5.4 users with Docomotion Designer permission set can generate output from Active (not yet published) Forms. See Forms Lifecycle.
  • Docomotion Generator: Only allows generating output from published Forms via the Generation page (for the “simple” users).

To assign a permission set to a single user:

1.  Open the Salesforce Setup sidebar.

2. Click Administration>Users > Users.

4.  Click Permission Set Assignment.

6.  To assign a permission set to this user, select it in the left panel then click Add.

7.  Click Save.