Out of the box, Docomotion installs a Generate Document button for standard Salesforce objects (Ex: Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts etc.) labeled “Generate Documents”.

In order to generate documents for a Form, from the mobile app, you need to add the Generate Documents button to the Salesforce1 Layout of the Object designated as the Main Object of the Form.

To add the Generate Document button to the Salesforce Mobile Object Layout:

  1. In the Salesforce window, from the dropdown list select Sales and navigate to the Object where you would like to display the button and select a specific Object.
  2. Open the slide menu on the right and select Edit Layout.
  3. In the [Object] Layout page, click Mobile and Lightning Actions, select the button, and drag and drop the button to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Actions bar.
Make sure you are using the Generate Documents button with Action Type: Quick Action.
generate documents Salesforce1