API Calls to Salesforce

In general, the Docomotion application uses API calls to Salesforce very sparingly. However, the following trigger API calls (included in the API calls bucket):

  • Activating a form
  • Mass generation in Combine
  • Interactive forms – updating Salesforce, recipient clicking a link (generate document)
  • When generating output with pictures from Notes and Attachments, an API call is triggered for each picture above 6MB.

Process Builder and Docomotion Licensing

Each user who might trigger a Process Builder for generating output using Docomotion needs a Docomotion license. In organizations that purchased a Price Per Action (PPA) license, documents can be generated by users without a Docomotion license. These users still need to be assigned a Docomotion Generator permission set.
Note that no error message appears if a document is not generated due to lack of a license.
For more information contact the Docomotion Support team.