Tombs Maxwell


“In trying to decide what product to use for our document generation needs, I evaluated nearly all of the document generation options on the AppExchange. For a small business, some of the options were cost prohibitive – and many of them still did not have the logic capabilities we were looking for. Docomotion has been a wonderful tool for our business. The support is literally outstanding. I’ve asked them many, many questions and they have been patient, kind, responsive and very helpful. I cannot recommend or applaud their customer support enough. The product itself is robust. With just 1-2 hours of reading through the documentation, I was able to set up a form with complicated logic without any issues.” 

Daniel Maxwell


Tombs Maxwell LLP helps plaintiffs and their attorneys anticipate and prevent issues that may arise following the settlement of a case. This includes, for example, the impact a personal injury settlement may have on a plaintiff’s eligibility to receive government benefits. Tombs Maxwell educates plaintiffs so that they can arrive at settlement with a plan in place that will preserve their eligibility for benefits. This gives the plaintiff peace of mind, while protecting the plaintiff’s attorneys from liability.


Hundreds of plaintiffs come to Tombs Maxwell for settlement-related education every month. For each plaintiff, a letter must be written that addresses their specific circumstances. Doing this manually in Microsoft Word was hugely time consuming, and also prone to human error.

“Our ability to manage such a large load of correspondence directly impacts our ability to serve our clients,” says Daniel Maxwell, JD. “As well as reducing the amount of time engaged in administration, we needed to find a way to ensure that everything we send out is 100% accurate and relevant to the client receiving it.”

The law firm’s search for a solution led them to Docomotion.


“We chose Docomotion because of the advanced conditional logic, the ease of use, the reasonable price, and the excellent customer service,” says Daniel. “We tested and looked into many other options, but none could compare to the power and flexibility of Docomotion.”

Following an implementation process that was supported with onboarding screensharing by the team at Docomotion, Tombs Maxwell was able to get the platform integrated into its processes within a few short days. Using Docomotion’s advanced logic capabilities, the firm is now able to add all relevant contingencies to each letter with no manual manipulation of the document, saving time, eliminating human error, and ensuring accuracy.


Tombs Maxwell is delighted with the way Docomotion has already transformed its internal processes. Working together with Salesforce, the platform has reduced the time taken to generate a document from 10-15 minutes to about 30 seconds. This, in turn, has enabled the firm to scale its business, freeing up its attorneys’ time so that they can take on more clients.

“We use a considerable amount of conditional logic in our standard letter,” says Daniel. “We even have it drafted in multiple languages, all within one template, which is a huge time saver for us. I would say that we have saved literally dozens of hours each month that we used to spend generating documents. It’s been a complete gamechanger for our firm.”

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