The Association For Children At Risk


“Both the Docomotion solution and team are highly recommended. It only took a few hours from my initial enquiry to schedule an online demo, which gave me a very clear picture of the tool. In addition – support services are excellent, highly responsive, and always ready to go that extra mile meet our requirements. During our evaluation process we reviewed a few document generation products in parallel. Docomotion was very user friendly and intuitive – and we believe. It was the best choice”

Tzvi Pinsky
IT Consultancy & Management


The Association for Children at Risk was established in Israel in 1990 and has since been recognized as the oldest and leading organization in Israel for the treatment of early childhood autism. The Association serves children nationwide with early diagnosis and treatment for children with autism, combined with the much needed professional support and services to their families and communities.
For nearly three decades, the Association has been a compassionate and loving address for children with autism and their families, protecting their rights, job benefits and enlisting hundreds of dedicated counselors and caregivers to provide accessible services to children in need.


“We knew we need to digitize our documentation process,” said Tzvi Pinsky. “Working manually without a centralized system was impeding our productivity and really taking a toll on our manpower.” When the Association first implemented Salesforce into their organization, they quickly realized that they would have to create and send documents based on Salesforce data. It became clear from the start that they had to implement a document generation tool to get the job done – and get it done well.
After scanning the market for viable options, the Association’s IT team looked at several popular products, amongst them, Conga Composer and Docomotion. The Association was first introduced to Docomotion, an authorized Salesforce partner, during their initial Salesforce implementation. Tzvi and his team downloaded Docomotion, one of the document generation applications offered by Salesforce.
Following careful comparison testing, the IT team chose Docomotion, which excelled in functionality, ease of use, were comparably priced and were backed by a strong technical support team. “Docomotion had a score of features that no other product could offer, especially when it came to building and editing forms. No one was a match for Docomotion’s speed and ease of use,”
The initial ‘use case’ for Docomotion inside the organization was to generate correspondence with government offices using data merged from (SFDC). Since the Association is subject to strict Ministry of Health procedures and regulations, there were numerous requirements in producing regulated documents to the various authorities, which included patient’s medical information. “Other documents required the creation of templates with predefined variables, these documents all had to be mass generated – and they were, all using Docomotion – with one easy click!”


“The onboarding process was especially quick and easy,” recalls Tzvi. Because Docomotion doesn’t require any programming skills, just a basic knowledge of MS-Word, the Association’s management and staff were able to access and start using the application to create, edit and send professional documents in no time. According to Tzvi Pinsky, the time and resource saving were immediate across the entire organization. The staff used to prepare documents manually with a tremendous number of errors, wasting valuable time and effort on each document.
With Docomotion on board, the team can now generate highly professional, interactive documents, forms and reports and distribute them via mass generation to vendors, partners, and clients. The Associations documents are now uniform, with a corporate look and feel, without the need to retype, resend or reassess reams of data and information.
“We quickly came to appreciate creating and using document templates, with Docomotion, forms are easy to design, especially with the intuitive editor. Since we now share our documents via the system, there’s no more double time – and no more double work.”


The Association’s employees have increased productivity, saving more than 50% in document generation time right across the board. “With Docomotion, formatting is just so easy,” says one administrator. “We can design and edit our invoices to suppliers and vendors,” comments their company controller. “This makes my job so much easier – we’re just so much more efficient in the accounting department,” he adds.
The results do speak for themselves – unmatched time and resource savings in every department and with every Association employee. What impressed the team, even more, was Docomotion’s business logic embedded into the system. “This helped us minimize several templates using a single form with the business logic right inside, and we did this by either displaying or hiding the “logic” in our various data tables. It was that easy! We asked Tzvi and his team if they would recommend Docomotion to other organizations with similar needs. “Without a doubt. Docomotion has made us more productive, more professional – all of this to serve our clients, their families and their communities – with great pride.”

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