Swiss Dentaprime


“With one click, Docomotion allows us to generate documents from Salesforce, in an MS Word-based format, quickly and effectively. The app covers all the languages we use, and offers different channels for sharing and handling the documents, either with patients or internally. In short, it’s a huge game changer for us.” 

Emine Yumerova
Salesforce Administrator


SWISS Dentaprime is a modern dental clinic, specializing in dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry. For the last ten years, the company has combined state-of-the-art digital diagnostic, treatment and workflow methods with uncompromising service for patients from Bulgaria, Germany, the UK, Russia and other countries. Its keen focus on developing and implementing new technologies to power future progress extends to all areas of its working process. This is what brought SWISS Dentaprime to Docomotion.


During the course of a patient’s treatment, SWISS Dentaprime must produce several documents, including contracts, letters, statements, and instructions for use. Each one needs to be personalized, and they need to be available in Germany, English, Bulgarian and Russian

“Before implementing Docomotion, our biggest administrative challenge was how to easily generate our outgoing documents in different file types, including PDF and DOCx, with data merged directly from Salesforce,” says Emine Yumerova, Salesforce Administrator, SWISS Dentaprime. “Because we operate in several countries, we needed to be able to generate documents in different languages, including Bulgarian and Russian which both require the Cyrillic font. Finding all of these elements in one solution was a challenge.”


SWISS Dentaprime came across Docomotion and together with the Docomotion customer success manager and customer support team, the company ran a proof of concept trial of the app with one form, for two weeks. After seeing how smoothly it ran, they soon rolled it out across the board.

“The beauty of Docomotion is that, with this one app, we can manage all our document generation needs.” says Emine. “There’s no manual work required outside of Salesforce – with just one click on the relevant record within Salesforce, we can generate the required document, populated with the correct data. It is also very flexible – for example, the output can be handled in different ways: it can be attached to a Salesforce record, sent via email or even downloaded locally.”


In the 12 months since rolling out Docomotion, SWISS Dentaprime has achieved all the business benefits it had hoped to, in particular, improved productivity in the generation of quotes.

“Since implementing Docomotion, we are seeing dramatic time savings, but that’s not all,” says Emine. “The errors that can creep into a manual process are reduced, the design and consistency of documents has improved significantly, and we have minimized the number of templates we use, thanks to the business logic that the app applies. What’s more, support is always available, with the Docomotion teams finding a solution to any issue, with flawless response times.”

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