spectrum dynamics Medical


“Docomotion can handle everything and anything. It seems like Docomotion was tailored for spectrum dynamics’ needs. This is a completely new era, a huge change for good. Editing our quotes in salesforce was a nightmare prior to implementing Docomotion. Now, using Docomotion document generation app everything is so simple, with a few clicks in MS-word you can design and edit a template. The support of Docomotion team during the process was amazing”.

Dotan Cohen
MIS Manager


Spectrum Dynamics Medical is a pioneering medical device company focused on personalized molecular imaging and applications in nuclear cardiology. Founded in 2004, Spectrum Dynamics is now servicing many customers around the world.


Spectrum Dynamics quotations were produced in HTML that required recoding each time a quote was changed.
Even simple changes, like adding a line break into a quotation required the recoding of the template.
This methodology required the management of multiple HTML files and meant there was no unified template.
As activity increased, Spectrum Dynamics upgraded their systems to utilize the Salesforce CRM. With the built-in SFDC solution being very basic, Spectrum Dynamics decided that the implementation of an OEM solution for document generation was required.
Spectrum Dynamics reviewed the Docomotion solution and identified two clear objectives for the implementation of the system:

  1. To present a unified template for all quotes that as an operational document will be consistent in look and project an official and respectable appearance.
  2. In-house management of the template that would remove all dependency on external developers for making changes to the document.


Building the initial templates was very easy and completed quickly, Docomotion was launched in the testing environment within 10 days addressing the challenges inherent in mixed quotations of both products and services within the same quotation.
The Docomotion support and service level team provided quick answers to all questions and issues and Spectrum Dynamics implemented Docomotion after seeing how simple it was to design and generate quotes. The benefits to Spectrum Dynamics were clear.


The Docomotion platform has streamlined quote generation and has removed the need for dependencies on external developers for simple changes to the template. Spectrum Dynamics sales team now benefit from a more unified sales environment that has a much simpler process for quote generation.

Thanks to implementing Docomotion’s solution, the following was achieved:

  1. Unified. Spectrum Dynamics’ quotation process is now completely unified with all quotes sharing consistency in look with a clearer more official and respectable appearance.
  2. Cost Effective. Spectrum Dynamics saved unnecessary dependency on outside developers for simple changes to the template.
  3. Increased Productivity. The new simple solution means sales managers can now focus on sending quotes instead of wasting time designing each quote individually.

For more details see Docomotion’s Listing on Salesforce