“Docomotion is such a convenient, user-friendly tool. Its wide range of features and customizations meet our various business needs. And if we ever do require support, the Docomotion team is very responsive – in fact, they’re simply excellent.”

Rotem Valdman, (Salesforce CRM Delivery Manager), Netafim


Founded in 1965, Netafim is the world’s leading irrigation company, driving mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food, water and land. Combining precision irrigation, agronomic expertise and relentless innovation, Netafim helps farmers across 110 countries to grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less.


One of the biggest administrative challenges that Netafim faced was in generating a quote form. Each quote requires information to be extracted from many different Salesforce objects, making it a complex document to create.


Having heard of Docomotion through its Systems Integrator, Netafim was keen to implement the solution. The Docomotion team was proactive in contacting the company to explain what was on offer, and discuss certain elements that could be tailored to its specific needs.

Over the course of just two weeks, Docomotion worked to understand Netafim’s requirements and to design the quote form accordingly.  As well as quick and easy design, the app enables staff to link forms to several Salesforce objects and present the information in a centralized way within the form. Documents can also easily be adapted to the needs of each country in which the company operates.

“The automation that Docomotion enables is exactly what we were looking for to streamline our document generation process, and make it more efficient,” says Rotem. “With the app, the salesperson simply builds the quote in the system, generates the document with a click or two, and it is sent directly to the customer. Implementation of the app was really quick, and the end product is easy to use.”


Netafim was delighted to roll out its new automated document generation capability when sending a quote to clients in Brazil. From there, Docomotion has quickly become the solution for a variety of business challenges.

Thanks to Docomotion, creating a quote now takes Netafim very quickly, freeing up staff for other tasks. There has also been a marked improvement in the accuracy of the quotes. 

“With Docomotion, it’s easy to create a quote form, and the seamless integration within Salesforce has made it much easier for users to adapt to the tool,” says Rotem. “This efficiency has been a huge win for our sales team. Throughout, the support we have had from the Docomotion team has been amazing – they really listened to our needs, and answer all our questions quickly and efficiently. We have already rolled out Docomotion in Brazil, Turkey and Italy. In 2021, we plan to implement it in Mexico, USA, Australia and South Africa.”

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