“ROI was clear, in a relatively short period, we saved a record 87%, improving our manpower capabilities from 3 weeks’ reporting down to 2-3 working days”

Liel Swisa


Headquartered in Israel, Migdal Or is a multi-service center dedicated to advancing blind and visually impaired people towards independent functioning and inclusion in the workplace. For over 60 years, Migdal Or has provided services nationwide, where each year, over 3,000 people of all ages and from all sectors and backgrounds benefit from Migdal Or’s unique offering. Service recipients receive individualized training and instruction, while people with whom they live, work, study and interact are also included in the organization’s rehabilitation outreach.


At Migdal Or, customer service is at the heart of the organization and maintaining a high level of expert personal service is key for every employee. Migdal Or generates and processes vast amounts of data and reports each and every month. “We are required by law to send each of the National Social Welfare departments a detailed report of each of our service recipients,” comments Liel Swisa, Director of Information Systems at Migdal Or. One of the greatest challenges for the Migdal Or team was creating, editing and distributing these and other monthly reports in a timely manner, combined with generating numerous documents from within Salesforce, the organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Added Swisa, “Lengthy rehabilitation plans and accompanying progress reports are painstakingly prepared by our social workers, with 50 reports per person and an average of close to 1000 reports sent to the various government offices every month – and our teams handle it all on their own.

Creating documents from within Salesforce was done using Conga, a documentation generation application. Although it proved helpful for a time, the application did have its drawbacks, especially when downloading documents from Salesforce to start the work process. “Imagine having to download close to 1000 reports,” said Swisa. “It would take us nearly 3 full weeks to do and only then could we get to work.”

Migdal Or’s management team knew they had to find a strong and reliable solution that would save both time and costly resources, especially their IT department who were overloaded on a daily basis. Mass report generation was a vital part of the company’s operations and they sought after a solution that would meet and in the long term, grow with them to handle even greater needs.


When looking for a comparable alternative to replace Conga in their organization, Migdal Or knew the importance of firstly finding a Salesforce partner that could deliver from the get-go. As an advanced document generation platform for Salesforce users, it was Docomotion’s suite of intuitive and exceptionally easy to use tools that quickly closed the sale. Further, Docomotion enabled Migdal Or’s teams to create all the forms, documents and reports they needed with data merged from any Salesforce object. What’s more, Docomotion were known for excelling in mass report generation expertise – precisely what Migdal Or were looking for. “We were impressed from the start,” commented Swisa. “It was the system’s short learning curve and unbelievable ease of use, but we were really sold on Docomotion’s editing tools, especially the template editor, which is super intuitive.” ROI was clear, in a relatively short period, the organization reportedly saved a record 87%, improving their manpower capabilities from 3 weeks’ reporting down to 2-3 working days!

With Docomotion implemented throughout the organization, all employees were able to access the system from their computers, tablets or mobile phones by easily downloading the convenient app. Docomotion proved incredibly easy to use and onboarding was quick with no system downtime at all. As for the ultimate use case, it was clearly mass generation reports. In just a few days, the social work team at Migdal Or were forwarding their reams of reports at a record pace. “We were so pleased with the results,” commented Swisa that we’ve already laid the foundation to have all of our rehab programs, including eye test results and even eyeglass prescriptions – all generated with Docomotion.”


When we asked some of Migdal Or’s department heads what they liked best about Docomotion, there was a clear consensus across the board – “A strong and reliable system that delivers every time and fast and courteous customer service.” According to Swisa, “Besides the time-savings which we all appreciate, now we’re also turning out more professional, more personalized forms and documents – and that’s important for any business.”

With Docomotion’s smart template design and rich output formats, Migdal Or could customize and generate invoices, price quotes, populate data from any Salesforce object, reuse existing templates and even include business logic. They quickly appreciated that Docomotion requires no programming skills and that’s it’s as easy as using MS-Word. Shortly after implementation, many system modules were deployed, such as Docomotion’s unique In App Signature, an easy built-in graphical signature module to enable users to generate and send proposals, signed and returned in real-time, interactive form capabilities to enable customer feedback based on CRM data and even a convenient drag & drop editing feature.

“These and a long list of functionalities help make Docomotion our choice,” said Swisa. “We haven’t looked back. In fact, it’s hard to remember a time when our office didn’t have Docomotion. We’d gladly recommend it to any organization or company that wants to take a giant step ahead and really change the way they operate – forever.”

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