“Jfrog did a deep-dive examination for a salesforce document generation and automation solution. We selected docomotion due to its flexibility and rich functionality, but also due to its ease-of-use”

Matan Alon
IS Manager


JFrog are the industry-leading providers of open source software distribution tools providing cutting-edge on-premise and SaaS cloud solutions. Among JFrog customers are some of the world’s most prestigious brands such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, Intel, and Barclays.


JFrog quotations were very complicated to produce due to the many parameters, complex calculations and formulas required. Some were managed in external resources to sales force and all quotes were manually generated with Microsoft Word.

Generating a quote was time consuming and prone to user errors and mistakes because of the high level of manual processes involved. As the company grew it became clear that manually generating their quotes was not cost effective or time efficient and so the procurement of an automated and standardized solution became necessary. JFrog identified three clear objectives for the implementation of Docomotion:

  1. To enable unified messaging and quotations.
  2. To provide one focal point for the management of all quotations with a clear overview and knowledge base.
  3. To support complex parameters, calculations and formulas.


Implementation was very fast and the first quote from opportunity template was created quickly. The Docomotion platform provided a robust and unified solution that took all external calculation requirements and built them right into the form template. After a short training, JFrog’s team started to use Docomotion. The entire implementation process was very short and fast.


The Docomotion platform has streamlined quote generation and has removed the need for external manual processes. In turn, it has reduced the number of errors and mistakes. JFrog’s sales team now benefit from a more unified sales environment that has a clearer focus and increased sales.

Thanks to implementing Docomotion’s solution, the following was achieved:

  1. Unified. JFrog’s quotation process is now highly organized and unified with all quotes knowledge and know-how managed in one place.
  2. Cost Effective. JFrog saved unnecessary sales team work hours on issuing complicated quotes. Sales teams now focus on sales and less on paperwork and formalities.
  3. Accurate. Reduced errors and mistakes that were caused by manual calculations of complex formulas.

JFrog also praised the service that Docomotion has provided during the quick onboarding process.

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