Jacaruso Enterprises


“The Docomotion team is great to work with, from pre-sales information, through implementation and post production support they have been ready, willing and able to assist. We’ve had a couple of instances that were not straightforward but the support team adjusted our document templates to accommodate our requirements, then took the time to explain what they did to get us where we needed to be. We use various 3rd party apps in our salesforce instance, as i am sure everyone does. Docomotion is one of those that is critical to our organization and we always get what we need from their team to ensure we keep rolling.”

Bill Jacaruso
Executive Vice President


Headquartered in Texas, USA, hospitality specialists, Jacaruso Enterprises (http://jacaruso.com/), make
hotels more profitable. Established in 2007, the company provides comprehensive services for the hotel
industry, transforming their customers’ businesses using the latest trends in technology – via, sales training
and professional consulting from Jacaruso’s expert, high-energy team. Under the guidance of the company’s
experienced trainers and other hospitality specialists, they effectively help customers increase revenue and
market share, improve sales staff performance and market hotels to the right guests.


To date, to serve their large and growing customer base, the Jacaruso team manually-generated each and
every price quote and customer contract. As a result, their sales processes were especially cumbersome,
putting a tremendous strain on their sales teams, who could no longer deliver customer quotes and contracts
in an organized, timely manner. Numerous documents were generated and edited by every department in
the company, inducing human error right across the board. More important, was the inconsistent look of
their documents, many of which were generated by different employees in different departments. Document
generation was becoming a hardship and the time and effort involved, slowed down the sales process –
almost to a halt. Executive VP, Bill Jacaruso, knew it was time to remedy the situation, especially in a fastpaced
industry where fast turnaround time was imperative – to win new customers and properly serve the
company’s current customer roster. It was time for Jacaruso to put a document generation solution in place.


After carefully surveying the market and reviewing several available options, Jacaruso management decided
on Docomotion’s advanced document generation platform. Comments Bill Jacaruso, “We quickly reached the
conclusion that Docomotion really met our needs the most. Docomotion is good value for money, providing
a complete solution at competitive prices.” An advanced document generation platform for Salesforce users,
Docomotion offers intuitive and easy to use tools for designing and generating all types of transactional
and operational business documents, but what impressed Jacaruso most of all, was how easy and intuitive
the system was. Implementation was equally quick and because no programming knowledge is required,
everyone in the company were able to get on board and start creating high-quality, personalized documents.
Comment Jacaruso, “We were able to achieve initial setup of the Docomotion evaluation version and build a
usable document in less than a day from downloading! The customer support and CSM onboarding has been
nothing less than perfect!” he added.


With Docomotion in place and available for every employee in the company, Jacaruso’s sales, marketing,
accounting and administrative teams could effectively create, edit, send and share operational business and
sales documents – in record time. Docomotion even includes an innovative e-signature function that enables
price quotes and contracts to be sent to the customer, signed and returned to the company, resulting in a
unique customer engagement experience. Jacaruso and his team were amazed with the system’s results.
“We now generate accurate contracts for every customer, yet with customization relative to the products
they order based on the actual products added to their Salesforce records, saving us a tremendous amount
of time and costly IT resources.” More importantly for the Jacaruso sales team, is that all data generated via
Docomotion is automatically updated in Salesforce, giving the team access to real-time customer updates
and contract status. Adds Jacaruso, “Every contract has the same look and feel and when we decide to
update our documents, we can easily do it all in one place – the changes are immediately available to our
sales team. What used to take 30 minutes or more is now accomplished in less than 2 minutesThat’s a 1500%
increase in productivity on contract creation alone!” In terms of measurable ROI, Jacaruso was able to
boost their business with Docomotion and the results spoke for themselves. “100% of our contracts are now
generated with Docomotion, we no longer generate any contracts manually. What’s more, we’re now able to
implement 100% auditable control over our contract and proposal document generation and delivery,” says
Jacaruso. When asked about how Docomotion really changed the way he did business, Jacaruso replied,
“Our ability to deliver more proposed business, more accurately, has helped us increase our revenue by more
than 30% – and that’s all been in the first year of Docomotion implementation”.

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