Direct Finance (Mimun Yashir)


“Our complicated document generation requirements have become so simple to achieve, thanks to Docomotion. The platform was so easy to implement and within hours we were up and running with it, quickly and efficiently creating and sending out personalized documents, complete with all necessary data and appendices. Docomotion made everything possible – even when our needs changed and we asked them to expand the product’s capabilities, they took it in their stride and delivered, without impacting our tight schedule.”

Ronit Peter


Direct Finance, part of the Direct Insurance Financial Investments Ltd. Group., is the leading – and largest – non-bank consumer credit company in its field in Israel. The company’s multi-billion-shekel business includes car loans and auto insurance for individuals, and long-term, flexible payment plans for businesses.

Thanks to several breakthroughs in digital innovation, Direct Finance has changed the way customers take out loans. Internally, the company uses technology to deliver greater flexibility in its business activity, develop innovative products and create business advantages over its competitors.


Direct Finance recently began to implement Salesforce as its core system, with document generation as a priority area planned for improvement. The company began looking for a solution that would enable the production of complex documents, including loan documents, promissory notes and contracts, all in real time.

The goal was to generate 40 different types of dynamic forms and documents, for different customer profiles, each one automatically populated with relevant data from both within Salesforce and other systems. For reasons of security and due to storage limitations, the documents had to be consolidated in one location outside of Salesforce itself, but with permissions and access to be controlled within Salesforce.

“We use many different types of forms, and some of them, such as loan documents, can be extremely long,” says Ronit Peter, VP of Technology & Innovation at Direct Finance. “We couldn’t store them all in Salesforce, but we did want our staff to be able to do everything they needed to without leaving the platform. We also needed a system that would enable us to produce specific documents to suit a specific purpose and the specific person using it. For example, the supporting material that a married person is required to provide will not be the same as the supporting material required of a single person. These variables also had to be taken into account in a checklist that our user could fulfil with just a click or two.”


Direct Finance selected Docomotion as an on-premise solution that could be simply integrated with Salesforce, is compatible with Word, and is very easy to understand and operate. In a process that involved complete collaboration between Direct Finance, Salesforce and Docomotion, the architecture of the project was defined, including the relevant business logic that needed to be embedded into each document template and what data needs to be input from which location to which destination. A URL for each new document is saved in Salesforce, giving users access to the files stored in an external file storage system. “Anyone who can work in Word can quickly and easily learn how to generate documents in Docomotion,” says Ronit. “Following a brief telephone training session, our in-house form management team were all brought up to speed with the new system. Form maintenance couldn’t be easier and changes can be carried out in a matter of seconds, without any input from our IT personnel. We also have the ability to store sensitive documents securely outside of Salesforce, while giving our users access within Salesforce to all data relevant to the specific user, loan and opportunity. This was a major achievement.”


Within six months of deciding to work with Docomotion, Direct Finance had its tailored solution fully integrated into Salesforce. The company is delighted both with how easy the app is to use and the results is helping them to achieve. As it makes a full transition to Salesforce, Direct Finance will continue to role out Docomotion for use with other products and processes. “In a very short time, we have acquired a system for building tens of document types, incorporating data and attachments from systems external to Salesforce,” says Ronit. “The documents are all uniform in appearance, and even when we changed our branding, updating it in Docomotion was a smooth process. The support we received from Docomotion every step of the way has been amazing – they immediately and fully answer any question we have. In short, we couldn’t be happier.”

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