“Today, with Docomotion, our teams don’t require any programming skills to get the job done. Now we can deliver innovative solutions to our customers, giving us a real competitive edge. All this and more, has helped position Allcloud as a market leader in the salesforce eco-system.”

Amir Hunga
The Head of Applications division 


Today, AllCloud boasts over 1,500 successful deployments with more than 1,000 customers across various market segments and four operation centers across three continents. The company’s proven methodology and best practices have rendered them a trusted Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and a Platinum Partner.


As an authorized partner, AllCloud focuses on providing their customers with a range of cloud-based Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. Recognized as the leading CRM solution on the market today with a suite of cloud-based tools, it was a must that AllCloud deliver the same superior functionality and customer service to its own customers.

But this meant keeping up with continuous product enhancements and even greater customer demands, namely that of a dedicated solution for document generation. One of the toughest challenges for its local customers was producing operational and sales documents, especially price quotes, invoices etc. It was next to impossible for AllCloud sales reps to include advanced design capabilities and logic inside a quote, such as tables or images with business rules.

What’s more, generating price quotes was all done outside of the Salesforce system, using a simple word and comparable software tools. This resulted in numerous data input errors – simple typos, as we call them, endless duplication of document versions and misuse of valuable time and costly resources.

“We are required to issue proposals to our B2B customers,” says Amir Hunga- The Head of Applications division at Allcloud. “Each document includes the smallest of details of each transaction – products, services and even our legal terms and conditions. We had to roll them out quickly and include graphical signatures and send them via email, all of which really slowed down the sales processes, often making the difference between winning or losing a deal.”

For the AllCloud team, the message was clear. They needed to find a strong and reliable solution to help them get price quotes to prospects – fast, easy and hassle-free.


Determined to find a viable solution to support their sales teams’ needs, AllCloud carefully researched the local market for just the right document generation tool and for a reliable company they could partner with. There were several contenders, but in the end, after a live demo and a host of satisfied reference customers, AllCloud decided to go with Docomotion.


Further review of Docomotion’s key differentiators made the team quickly realized the potential of true interactive documents and what it would mean to their customers. Docomotion provided all the answers AllCloud needed – and more, proving to be an experienced software provider for their Hebrew speaking customers. “Docomotion delivered from the get-go and that’s when we were sold,” said Hunga.

As an advanced document generation platform for Salesforce users, Docomotion delivers a suite of highly intuitive and exceptionally easy to use tools to design and generate operational business and sales documents. To meet AllCloud’s needs, this meant full functionality in the Hebrew language, internal electronic signature capabilities and a fast and easy onboarding and implementation process that, according to Hunga,”Really stepped up our company’s productivity – almost immediately.”

In partnership with Docomotion, AllCloud Salesforce customers are now able to create personalized, interactive documents and promotional materials, with end-user data entered into interactive fields automatically updated in Salesforce. AllCloud sales reps have already reported that since its deploy, Docomotion has sped up their customer quotation process by a record 50% – taking literally half the time it once did to generate all the paperwork, add attachments and send the quote by email. Today, with a simple mouse click, a tailor-designed uniform price quote is produced for the entire organization, saving the sales team valuable time in having to correct errors and rewrites.


Indeed, at AllCloud, the results were clear – very quickly. Once the price quote process was defined by Docomotion, it was implemented by the entire team. What this entailed was no more than basic knowledge of MS-Word to build and design a template for everyone to use. With no programming skills required, the AllCloud team were on board in no time. What was key for them was the ability to now integrate the entire sales process into Salesforce. This meant a careful selection process for each product, generate a price quote, include the customer’s electronic signature and manage the entire process in one easy to use template – all in a single system.

“Docomotion has helped boost our business,” commented Hunga. “To that end, it’s really had an impact on our offering. This includes, for example, fixed price implementation projects. With Docomotion, they’re simply less of a risk. Our implementation teams focus on Salesforce, where output and documents are based solely on Docomotion. What AllCloud customers appreciate most is Docomotion’s highly intuitive UI and the fact that the entire process is handled via a single app. Further, they value the electronic signature capability, as it saves a significant amount of time having to print, sign, scan and send a document between the sales rep and the end customer.

“Modifying templates was fast and easy and if we ran into a snag, the Docomotion team was always there to help. We truly appreciate their fast and courteous customer support. It’s not a given in our industry,” added Hunga.

Today, every AllCloud price quote is professional, branded and uniform, adhering to company guidelines, all based on one easy to use, easy to edit document template. Simply put, AllCloud has minimized the number of templates they once used, now down to one form with business logic inside – and all powered by Docomotion. Edit once – and the form is edited and updated across the board – across the entire organization.

When asked about Docomotion’s real added-value, the AllCloud sales reps said, “We used to spend hours designing our price quotes. Now, it’s fast and it’s easy and this means we have more time to bring and win more deals. We’re not only saving time, we’re saving resources and this means more satisfied customers.”

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