Case Studies

“Docomotion is a company that really understands the pain points of the insurance industry, offering a document generation solution that makes our job much easier. Complicated document requirements have become simple to achieve, thanks to Docomotion.  In some areas we’ve managed to reduce the number of templates from over 50 to a few, which has been a real game changer!”


Raj Sakaria

Director of Enterprise Architecture and Apps

“With Docomotion, our transition to Salesforce has been even more productive. The solution has all the features we were looking for and is easy to use, without any technical expertise. What’s more, the support we have from Docomotion’s Professional Services team has been second to none.”

Tal Cohen Alon

CRM Team Leader

“Docomotion is where the magic happens! It is such a convenient, user-friendly tool, with a wide range of features and customizations to meet our various business needs. If we ever do require support, Docomotion’s Professional Services team is very responsive – in fact, they’re simply excellent.

Ariel Lopez

ENT Salesforce Team Leader

“Docomotion is such a convenient, user-friendly tool. Its wide range of features and customizations meet our various business needs. And if we ever do require support, the Docomotion team is very responsive – in fact, they’re simply excellent.”


Rotem Valdman

Salesforce CRM Delivery Manager


we embarked on this project as a key part of our digital transformation agenda,” says tsafrir ezra, applications group manager at strauss water. having already decided to implement salesforce, a strong business case soon emerged for a solution that would enable us to make relevant information accessible to our customers in real time, and even for them to be able to digitally sign certain documents as part of the process.”

Tsafrir Ezra
Applications Group Manager

Working on the basis of 3000 offers or contracts going out each month, Docomotion is saving us much more than 500 hours across our sales team, freeing them up to do what WalkMe actually hired them to do – sell!

Omri Timar
Business Operations Engineer

“In trying to decide what product to use for our document generation needs, I evaluated nearly all of the document generation options on the AppExchange. For a small business, some of the options were cost prohibitive – and many of them still did not have the logic capabilities we were looking for. Docomotion has been a wonderful tool for our business. The support is literally outstanding. I’ve asked them many, many questions and they have been patient, kind, responsive and very helpful. I cannot recommend or applaud their customer support enough. The product itself is robust. With just 1-2 hours of reading through the documentation, I was able to set up a form with complicated logic without any issues.”

Daniel Maxwell

“Our complicated document generation requirements have become so simple to achieve, thanks to Docomotion. The platform was so easy to implement and within hours we were up and running with it, quickly and efficiently creating and sending out personalized documents, complete with all necessary data and appendices. Docomotion made everything possible – even when our needs changed and we asked them to expand the product’s capabilities, they took it in their stride and delivered, without impacting our tight schedule.”

Ronit Peter


“With one click, Docomotion allows us to generate documents from Salesforce, in an MS Word-based format, quickly and effectively. The app covers all the languages we use, and offers different channels for sharing and handling the documents, either with patients or internally. In short, it’s a huge game changer for us.” 

Emine Yumerova
Salesforce Administrator


“Jfrog did a deep-dive examination for a salesforce document generation and automation solution. We selected docomotion due to its flexibility and rich functionality, but also due to its ease-of-use”

Matan Alon
IS Manager

“Both the Docomotion solution and team are highly recommended. It only took a few hours from my initial enquiry to schedule an online demo, which gave me a very clear picture of the tool. In addition – support services are excellent, highly responsive, and always ready to go that extra mile meet our requirements. During our evaluation process we reviewed a few document generation products in parallel. Docomotion was very user friendly and intuitive – and we believe. It was the best choice”

Tzvi Pinsky
IT Consultancy & Management

“Docomotion can handle everything and anything. It seems like Docomotion was tailored for spectrum dynamics’ needs. This is a completely new era, a huge change for good. Editing our quotes in salesforce was a nightmare prior to implementing Docomotion. Now, using Docomotion document generation app everything is so simple, with a few clicks in MS-word you can design and edit a template. The support of Docomotion team during the process was amazing”.

Dotan Cohen
MIS Manager

Today, with Docomotion, our teams don’t require any programming skills to get the job done. Now we can deliver innovative solutions to our customers, giving us a real competitive edge. All this and more, has helped position Allcloud as a market leader in the salesforce eco-system.”

Amir Hunga
The Head of Applications division 

Docomotion really impressed us with both their multi-functional product and their highly-responsive service. It doesn’t take long to find your way around the platform, and you soon realize just how powerful it is. If we need help for any reason, we can email the support team for a quick response. If it’s a more involved issue, they’re happy to have a conference call, so that they can give us a more thorough solution. We know that Docomotion are with us every step of the way, and we are confident that we will get maximum benefit from the platform.”

Nils Scheers
Sales Manager Corporate & MICE

“The Docomotion team is great to work with, from pre-sales information, through implementation and post production support they have been ready, willing and able to assist. We’ve had a couple of instances that were not straightforward but the support team adjusted our document templates to accommodate our requirements, then took the time to explain what they did to get us where we needed to be. We use various 3rd party apps in our salesforce instance, as i am sure everyone does. Docomotion is one of those that is critical to our organization and we always get what we need from their team to ensure we keep rolling.”

Bill Jacaruso
Executive Vice President


“When Cloudtech uses Salesforce, document generation is always an integral part of the system, in order for our customers to be able to generate documents automatically from Salesforce, we didn’t want them to spend valuable time and resources having to work with a standalone solution. Our customers can now send signed documents to their customers, enable them to approve and sign, and return the documents to the organization, forgoing the traditional process of signing, printing, scanning and attaching documents to an email. Simply put, the time and resource savings cannot be matched.”

Gil Pasternak
EVP & VP Sales & Partners


“ROI was clear, in a relatively short period, we saved a record 87%, improving our manpower capabilities from 3 weeks’ reporting down to 2-3 working days”

Liel Swisa