Never miss a sales opportunity! Top tips for how to get the most out of Salesforce

Salesforce is an amazing tool, but are you getting the maximum benefit from using it? Here are a few pointers to help you along the way…

1. Make sure to update your data in Salesforce regularly, to keep it accurate and current at any given time.

2. Build a work process for managing opportunities and leads, using dashboards, reports, probabilities, target dates, tasks, etc.

3. Create clear and simple dashboards that enable you to monitor results at a glance.

4. Use Salesforce mobile to make sure you are available and updated, anywhere, anytime.

5. Pay attention to reminders, and execute tasks on time.

6. Create tracking and follow-up reports for your pipeline.

7. Work with Chatter to efficiently communicate with colleagues and streamline task management.

8. Give your sales people easy access to data and clear overviews, to help them identify the most efficient action to take and simplify derived filtering efforts, as well as other sales activities.

9. Automate as many processes as possible to reduce the need for manual inputting, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Of all these tips, automation is of course particularly close to our hearts here at Docomotion, for several reasons.

We know that the vast amounts of data and information that salespeople deal with can be difficult to manage and keep on top of. Automated processes – such as document generation – make data more manageable and reduce workloads, making it easier for your team to stick to schedules and freeing them up to pursue their sales goals and build relationships with customers.   

Sales managers also have their work cut out for them – they need to deal both with achieving team goals and coaching team members to optimise their performance. By automating your processes, you empower your sales managers to dedicate more time to improving the professional proficiency of the team, and to dealing with complex sales opportunities, instead of being tied up with processing data or writing price proposals.

Manual processes are subject to human error and inevitably lead to errors in customer data that may go undetected. Automation reduces mistakes and omissions so you can be sure that the documents you generate are accurate and up to date.

By introducing complementary automation tools, you can also optimise other systems, such as your CRM, joining up records efficiently, which ultimately enables you to improve sales productivity. Automation can help streamline your sales processes too, by prompting follow-on actions such as sending a customer a message when a deal is closed.

These are just some of the advantages of the Docomotion app. Sounds good so far? Contact us to find out more.


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