What lies behind our motto?

At Docomotion, we live by the motto ‘committed to making your life easier’. You may think it sounds flippant, the kind of empty sentiment you might find in a fortune cookie. So, how does a doc gen app make life easier? Why is this our value proposition, and what do we mean by it? To understand, we need to take a step back….

The key to success for any business is first to identify a market need, and then to find a way to fill it – ideally better than anyone else does. On the surface, this may be as simple as a corner store located next to a school recognizing the kids’ demand for easy-to-grab snacks, or a clothing store preparing for summer by stocking the latest swimwear fashions.

But actually, we need to look beyond the apparent need to see what the customer actually wants. This is what Harvard Business School professor, Theodore Levitt, meant when he said: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” And, we can take this example even further. Sure, the customer may come into the hardware store to buy a drill head, but the payoff isn’t simply the hole in the wall. Rather, it’s the shelves they can hang after drilling the hole, and ultimately maybe even the appreciation of their family for providing them with a handy storage solution!

How can we apply this understanding to Docomotion? Here we go…. Rather than a drill head, we at Docomotion offer a document generation app that enables users to configure, populate and create documents quickly and easily. It’s versatile, with tons of features (mass generation, interactive fields, e-signature and more), correlating to the customer in our example above being able to drill a hole.

Salesforce Admin and System Integrators – Our Partners

The outcome of this all-in-one solution is that CRM admins and Salesforce integrators (SIs) get to enjoy a smooth-running Salesforce cloud system – our space-enhancing shelves – which, thanks to Docomotion, is made more flexible and customizable to the end-user’s needs and the company’s specific business logic.

Finally, by implementing Docomotion, CRM admins and SIs bring value to their place of work, become part of an innovation process, gain the compliments and respect of the customers, colleagues and superiors, and maybe even do their bit to advance the digital revolution! All this is in the context of an easy life, where everything flows smoothly, and there is no need to spend long hours maintaining and modifying document templates, with the backup of a support team that is available whenever is needed.

The Next-Gen Of the Doc-Gen

So, you see, we don’t just offer a state-of-the-art document generation app. What we really offer is a way to turn a labor-intensive, time-consuming, possibly even error-prone process, into a simple task – so you can get more out of Salesforce, and enjoy the satisfaction and accolades that come with a job well done. And that’s why our motto is: committed to making your life easier.

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