Unleash the Power of the PDF Layer feature

Are you tired of struggling with the design of complex governmental forms and other existing PDF documents? Do you wish there was an easier way to integrate these existing PDFs into your templates and workflows? Look no further than our latest feature: the PDF Layer. With its effortless PDF integration, our PDF Layer is the ultimate game-changer for using pre-defined PDFs. 

Imagine working with governmental forms where designing a template from scratch is daunting. With our PDF Layer feature, you can seamlessly incorporate these PDFs into your templates while preserving their exact look and feel. Your generated documents will be pixel-perfect without the headache of manual design! Easy as that!

Our PDF Layer empowers you to incorporate both applicative and interactive fields within your generated documents. This means your documents become not just static forms but interactive tools. When generating them as HTML, you can collect data and signatures, offer a personalized experience, and enhance your documents to be more functional and dynamic. 

The information recipients submit through your documents is automatically stored in Salesforce at the right record. No more manual data entry, no more lost or misplaced information. Our PDF Layer ensures your data is always organized and readily accessible when you need it. 

We invite you to enroll in our upcoming webinar, where we will provide an in-depth understanding of this exciting addition to our solution. Join us and unleash the power of the PDF Layer!