Three Ways Sales Teams Convert Leads

The Internet is undoubtedly changing the way we do business. For sales people, tech and data are relatively new enablers of success. The lead qualification process is a great example of this. The following are three areas of lead generation where data and tech have a profound impact on sales teams worldwide:

  1. Advanced Technology – The CRM and marketing automation platform you choose to work in are two of the most important factors to lead nurturing success. Content marketing in all its various forms is now a standard way of engaging and nurturing potential clients. Using engaging campaigns and following leads’ storyline allows a sales team to proactively track sales intent, rather than waste time and efficiency on cold calling. The active role that technology plays both in professional and personal lives helps companies reach a wider audience with ease and access not previously known.
  1. InsightsTop marketing platforms allow sales teams to take advantage of the centralization of technology by leveraging their ability to track and interact with leads. Having interactive communications with leads, as well as real-time insights and data analysis, allows companies to understand on your customers’ interests and which leads are qualified. This allows the sales team to focus their energy where it will be most effective.
  1. Contact List – Social media followers can be a valuable source of already qualified leads. When making efforts to reach your followers, it is important to get both your corporate social media account and your senior staff handles active. Clever tools like Salesfinder and Salestools, as outlined here, can help you gather relevant and accurate contact details from sites such as LinkedIn. Regularly cleaning your contact list is an obvious, yet often overlooked part of managing your sales pipeline on social channels. One source even suggests that client contact lists can become entirely out of date in less than a year, which means there is a necessity to sort through your contacts regularly.

As one example from Sales Hacker shows, turning cold leads to qualified leads isn’t an overnight process. Successfully converting leads requires data, persistence, and interactive communications. Many sales teams give up too soon, while others that lack insight simply spam their contacts. A tech-savvy sales team uses these relatively new tools—a combination of technology and insight—to approach the right leads, at the right time.

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Omer Nuriel
Omer Nuriel has been the Marketing Director of Docomotion since early 2016. His marketing experience is derived from his work in hi-tech start-up companies and advertising agencies. Omer holds a B.A. degree in Business Administration & Communications from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Omer Nuriel

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