How to get better, faster, smarter sales documents, with Docomotion

Think about all the hours (and hours and hours) your staff spend creating documents, sending emails, following up by phone, keeping track of multiple sales opportunities at once so nothing falls through the net…. It’s enough to make you weep with frustration at the wasted time and resources, not to mention the sales talent tied up with admin when they could be better utilized making sales! It’s time to dry your eyes and get onboard with automatically-generated smart documents by Docomotion.

First though, what is a smart document? It’s likely that you’re already using smart documents in your business. Programs like Microsoft Word and Excel let you make electronic edits, show your changes, save and share the documents. Adobe has a ‘smart’ eSignature option that enables you to embed your signature right into a document without having to print it out and sign it manually – you can then email it on to whoever needs to receive it. Sound familiar? Truth is, you probably take it for granted…

As great as that all is, Docomotion goes several steps further. Fully integrated with Salesforce, this platform enables you to create templates of different types of documents, such as reports, price quotes, contracts, invoices, receipts, presentations… the list goes on. Using built-in business logic, when a user pulls up a template, with just one click they can automatically populate it with relevant data from Salesforce, your CRM. So, the information in the new document is always up to date, error-free and relevant to the specific customer you are sending it to. What’s more, it looks professional, with all your branding perfectly in place, and consistent with other documents of the same type that you are sending out.

Let’s say the template does need to be adjusted for a particular client, for example one who negotiated specific terms on a one-off basis. No problem – just use Docomotion’s Live Editor feature to make the necessary changes. You can even attach documents external to Salesforce, all with just a couple of clicks.

Once you’re happy with it, send the document direct to your customer via email. They can review it, make comments or changes, sign it electronically and send it back to you. When it arrives in your inbox, you can easily save it into your internal system so you can be sure your records are kept up to date.

Smart documents also enhance your internal processes; having everything accessible from a central point means that people don’t need to chase each other for the most recent version – it’s at their fingertips. Communication and collaboration between your staff across different teams and departments is also streamlined – for example, they can simultaneously edit documents that need input from different experts.

So, there you have it – Docomotion makes your sales process not only smart, but also fast, efficient and linked-up, connecting every document coming out of your business, connecting your teams with each other, and connecting you to your customers.

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