5 major sales-team pain points – and how you can eliminate them with Docomotion

As a Salesforce system integrator, when approaching a new Salesforce project you need more than a comprehensive working knowledge of Salesforce itself. You also need to take a deep dive into your customer’s business in order to analyze and fully understand their needs and operational processes. You can then mold Salesforce to provide the most efficient, innovative, best-practice solution for each specific customer.

Your goal is for your service to bring meaningful impact , and to do so you must consider the right balance of costs, time to delivery, and overall system capabilities.

In its annual report for 2022, Salesforce reported that sales subscriptions brought in a massive $5.9 billion to the business, accounting for over 22 % of its $26.5 billion revenues – second only to services. Evidently, a huge proportion of Salesforce users are sales-oriented businesses, keen to invest their resources and prioritize activities in order to optimize their sales.

In this article, we shall highlight five key pain points that sales teams usually face in their daily routine, and how they can be eliminated solely by integrating a document generation app – Docomotion on Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Sales Team angle…
While sales success is ultimately measured in revenue and growth, on the ground, sales teams are focused on establishing the value and impact of the products or services they sell. But, to get to “closed-won”, they first need to build trust. This means working efficiently, with no room for error. They need innovative tools to stay ahead of the competition and win their deals. The less admin they have on their plate, the more time they can spend pursuing leads, increasing their sales productivity.

So, what are the pain points faced by sales teams today?

1: To err is human
The pain point:
Each quotation and contract sent out by an organization is made up of numerous components – customer details, Ts&Cs, discount level, price, and more. When these are input manually, the room for error is huge – and the consequences can be costly.
The solution:
Reducing manual input of data reduces the chances that an error will be made. By extracting data directly from its managed, secured source, its accuracy is guaranteed, while eliminating repetitive work for the sales agent.

2: Time is of the essence
The pain point:
Closing a sale can take time, even after the negotiations are completed. Once generated and sent out, documents must be printed, completed, signed, and returned by the customer.
The solution:
Various features can be employed to minimize this process, not only shortening the sales cycle but also improving the customer experience. Interactive fields and e-signatures enable customers to complete and sign forms online anywhere and anytime. Automatically syncing their data into Salesforce, along with a notification to the sales manager, results in a faster, smarter sales cycle (and a happy customer).

3: Change is inevitable
The pain point:
In the fast-paced world of sales, a sales rep can’t afford to be dependent on IT admin or a developer when they need to modify a standard template – for example, to incorporate specially-negotiated terms and conditions.
The solution:
Essential last-minute changes and enhancements to modify quotations or contracts during the generation process can be facilitated with an intuitive, and easy-to-use tool.
(infographic: No-Coding no SOQL queries)

4: The devil’s in the details
The pain point:
As a business grows, so do the number and type of documents that need to be generated. Using templates can speed up the process, but making the necessary case-by-case changes to the fixed text can make document management complicated and time-consuming.

The solution:
Different documents can be generated from the same template when the data used to populate it can be automatically modified according to pre-defined business logic. Streamlining the document generation process in this way makes life simpler while ensuring that the right data ends up in the right place, every time.

5: Tied up with admin
The pain point:
All these pain points culminate in one clear fact: time spent on low-value administrative tasks is time taken away from making revenue-generating sales.
The solution:
By giving sales teams better tools to work with, they are able to complete their administrative tasks more efficiently, freeing them up to do what they do best, and generate value for the business.

To deliver a successful Salesforce project, system integrators must bring innovation that meets changing business and market requirements, and ensures that customers are optimizing their Salesforce investment. Addressing major pain points, Docomotion – a cornerstone Salesforce document generation application – creates new, streamlined business processes that improve the experience of Salesforce users.