Create a winning customer engagement experience with Docomotion’s interactive documents and proven marketing and promotional activities.

Generate highly personalized operational documents from salesforce including:

  • bills

  • statements

  • proposals

  • customer letters


  • accounting documents

  • investment reports

  • mortgage documents

  • performance reports

  • insurance policies

  • healthcare documents

  • renewals

  • confirmations and more

Effective New Marketing Platform

Your customers open and read up to 90% of operational documents, such as invoices, lab and test results, price quotes, and statements. This represents a highly personalized, time-critical opportunity with a real added value that can be quickly monetized.

Docomotion enables you to know more about your customers when they access specific documents than any other sales engagement activity.

Our interactive forms offer an entirely new means layer of customer interaction, creating a two-way communication channel with customers, leveraging customer information to generate viable, actionable data. In addition to customer data, you can gain real insight into customers’ anticipated actions, needs and state-of-mind. This rich, new layer of data is generated, for example via customer data submitted on interactive forms, customer feedback and updating Salesforce data fields.

Docomotion enables businesses to optimize resources and lead the change across the organization.

  • Benefit from existing customers & generate additional revenue – Docomotion effectively uses customer documents for marketing/promotional activities, giving you a real competitive edge.
  • Shorten time to market – IT is no longer the bottleneck for designing/editing document templates – now, anyone can easily generate templates
  • Save on IT resources – Edit/manage templates and free up IT resources for more critical projects/tasks
  • Advanced template editor – Every business group can have a dedicated template editor and run independently from IT

Docomotion solution features

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